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Auto Fire

An auto combat Roguelike... call it a Roadlike CarPG. · By Vertigames


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New art from an exciting guest artist!
I just wanted to take a moment to crow about Auto Fire's new title image, which was commissioned from legendary car combat illustrator Denis Loubet ! This i...
New gameplay video!
It's been a while since I put out a video illustrating the core features of Auto Fire. This is a vertical slice edited for length: Player customization Intro s...
Auto Fire v0.6.03: Gamepad control at last!
Auto Fire has been going through a lot of work focusing on making the game more approachable for someone that might want to sit down and play. This is specific...
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See Auto Fire at the Seattle Indies Expo!
On PAX Sunday (September 1), there is an special event just down the street from the Convention Center… The Seattle Indies Expo 2019 . In this magical place...
Auto Fire v0.6.02: Crits and Repairs
I am rolling off of a bunch of updates by the first coder to touch Auto Fire outside of me... My friend Jim streamed his work this past Saturday and Sunday and...
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Join the Auto Combat Zone Discord!
We've finally launched a new Discord server to help relay information about Auto Fire. It will hopefully also be a home for other types of vehicle combat enthu...
Auto Fire v0.6.01: Objective pointers!
The Space Marine said it right that one time: Hell, it's about time. A small update coming down the pike today, but one big one comes along for the ride. Objec...
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Auto Fire v0.6.00: A Smooth Startup
A big update, worthy of a full point! Auto Fire has had a lot of work put into it over the last month, not the least of it being the revised onboarding. A lot...
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