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Auto Fire

An auto combat Roguelike... call it a Roadlike CarPG. · By Vertigames


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Dev Streamin' and Learnin'
I’ve been doing development streaming on Twitch lately, and it’s been pretty enjoyable actually. It’s early afternoon for me, Tuesday at 1PM Pacific , an...
Auto Fire v0.6.07: To Progress!
There have been improvements to Auto Fire both big and small! There was a list as long as my arm of bugs and nitpicks that I discovered when showing off the gam...
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October Gameplay Update
Just a quick update today as I was t esting out my new hardware in the run-up to my first stream , I whipped up a quick video blog showing off the most recent...
Auto Fire v0.6.06: Perk-olation
It's been a couple weeks since the last build, but a lot has happened due to things that I've wanted to get in for the Rogue Celebration 2019 , which I'll talk...
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Spent the day cleaning up my passive effect system to make sure I can fire off special game effects when the player boosts, shoots, skids, etc etc. Doesn't sou...
Auto Fire v0.6.05: Advancing the Experience
It's been a few weeks since the SIX update, and there's a lot of meaty gameplay work to show off. Ammo! Maneuvers! Slomo visuals! Better ramming! Slo Moooooo O...
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We've been working on some new special abilities for the vehicles in Auto Fire, including the Ram Piston . Different vehicle chassis types can have some craz...
Big big big news!
Just wanted to stop by and break the news: It's official! Thanks to some pitching in by some ✨incredibly✨awesome✨folk, we're all-in to bring Auto Fire t...