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Auto Fire

An auto combat Roguelike... call it a Roadlike CarPG. · By Vertigames


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Auto Fire v0.5.08 - Controls, Couriers and Citadels
It's been a month or so since the last update, but a lot has gone down since then! Controls You asked for it! Using the forward key ("Accelerate") will cap you...
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Auto Fire v0.5.7 - General fixes and visual cleanup
Some smaller updates for Auto Fire today, but in particular there are some important bug fixes. Visuals/Fluff All menus use standardized buttons and fonts now M...
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Auto Fire v0.5.06 - Mines! Flaming Oil! Vehicle choices!
Some new Auto Fire coming in! Check out what’s new: New Equipment: Mines: When anybody (including you!) moves adjacent to one, it arms and then explodes 1 se...
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Auto Fire v0.5.05 - Boss fights and more
A lot has happened in the last couple of months, so it's great to get a build out. Thanks to for providing the app and the Butler tool so I can more ea...
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Auto Fire v0.5.02 - Faster exteriors
Just got back from vacation so not a lot going on yet. I was really bothered by the game's poor performance in the exterior desert areas (both the overworld an...
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Musings on Auto Fire visuals
I still have a ways to go to hit the look I want out of Auto Fire. All my visual assets so far are bought from the Unity Asset Store, or made by me (and I am no...
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Auto Fire v0.5.01 - Skidding Improvements
I had a bit of a weird week because I was coming off the RoguelikeCel, but after the feedback I got I knew just what to focus on for this new update. Enemy Cars...
Status Update - Oct 2018
Over the past several months I’ve been working through some significant issues to get Auto Fire up to snuff… A good friend talked me into going to the Rog...
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