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"It's become a game of chess, by wheel and trigger."

Auto Fire is a reinterpretation of the great auto combat games of the 1980's:  Car Wars, Autoduel, Roadwar 2000, and others. It combines the tactical combat planning, dynamic world-generation, and player advancement of Roguelikes with outlaw landscapes, decked-out cars and the ongoing quest for fame.  Refine your vehicle, take on missions and build a name for yourself in a world where the only way to thrive is to drive.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS build!  Until the game is closer to feature complete, no donation is needed!  There are a number of features not yet implemented, but please try it out to get a sense of what the game will be like.  Your feedback in the forums is also appreciated!

The current platforms are 64-bit and 32-bit Windows only (for now).  We totally recommend a non-mobile video card for performance.

Basic Features:

  • Overworld allows player to move between cities and outposts, and between sectors.
  • Combat driving in either the outposts or ruined cities.             
  • Each location has a generated faction controlling it and a boss to go with it.
  • Basic quest system will direct you to take out the boss to clear the area.
  • Dynamic camera and VFX based on speed.
  • The faster you travel, the more turns you get.
  • Experiment with grip and skids...  Get comfortable with drifting.
  • Stop by garages for repairs or equipment installation.
  • Return to citadels to buy/sell equipment, and take on courier missions.

Soon to come:

  • Improved progression arc.  No real balance as of yet.
  • More weapons, equipment and enemies.
  • Special maneuvers like bootleggers and charge rams.
  • Encounters on the overworld map.
  • Citadel contains additional courier missions, arena duels, and a bar for rumors.
  • Fame and skill progression tracking, with media coverage of select combats.

For even more up-to-date information follow the Vertigames blog, Twitter, Steam, or join the Discord to chat about all things where cars shoot at other cars...

Install instructions

Unzip anywhere you like and run autofire.exe, or use the Itch.io app for easier install and patches.


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