New art from an exciting guest artist!

I just wanted to take a moment to crow about Auto Fire's new title image, which was commissioned from legendary car combat illustrator Denis Loubet!  

This is super-exciting and my inner 1984 kid is absolutely nerding the hell out right now.  Denis has created art for a lot of my favorite things from that decade from Car Wars and Autoduel to Ultima and Champions.  He did almost all the art for the original Car Wars pocket box, and created so many iconic works from that world.  I feel like he was pretty instrumental in establishing what I thought was key to the Car Wars universe: The people and culture around the cars being as important as the cars themselves.  It's something that I think has been lost a bit and would love to be able to bring back.

In another coincidence he also just so happened to create the cover art for the very first game I worked on (which I only participated on for a couple weeks), and I even met him when I interviewed at Origin waaaaaaay back in 1993.

Anyway, it was super-exciting to finally have a chance to work with him!  He did a fantastic job.

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This is awesome, I am freaking out right there with you.

Metaphorically, not in a creepy right-behind-you way.

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes!  I'm so excited!  And in no possibly creepy way. :-)