Auto Fire v0.5.10: Quality of Life

A small update to Auto Fire this week, but some important quality of life things are part of it.  A quick overview:

  • An updated settings screen.  A couple additions, and your settings are now remembered between sessions.
  • A Key Configuration  screen!   Laptop user?  Old-school roguelike player?  Set keys to your heart's content!
  • An updated introduction screen.  You won't have to re-enter your character name or car selection each time, these also persist across sessions.  So many keys!
  • Wanted a rundown of which vehicle fits your playstyle?  More information is shown at selection time!
  • A number of bug fixes around targeting and shooting.

That's it, more of a fundamentals update.  Don't worry, there are more fun-fun shooty-shooty updates in the cards for next time!


Auto Fire - Windows 64-bit 1 GB
Version 7 Apr 06, 2019
Auto Fire - Windows 32-bit 1 GB
Version 7 Apr 06, 2019

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