Auto Fire v0.5.08 - Controls, Couriers and Citadels

It's been a month or so since the last update, but a lot has gone down since then!


  • You asked for it!  Using the forward key ("Accelerate") will cap your speed at 40 mph so you don't accidentally go faster than you want and crash into things.
  • Speed is still vital in some situations!  A separate key ("Boost") accelerates beyond 40 to your vehicle's maximum (as before).
  • Shift-Up or Keypad + both work as Boost.


  • Cities now are menu-driven, and contain garages, shops and loading docks.
  • Citadels now look occupied and are easy to spot.
  • You can now buy or sell equipment properly at the Ike's franchise in each citadel.  
  • Items that are installed are now noted in the inventory and sell panels.


  • The player can take on Courier Missions at any loading dock at a citadel.
  • Cargo can be delivered to its destination (a location in this sector or a neighboring sector for now) for a payout.
  • Alternately, the player can salvage the cargo for its cash value.  This will eventually mess with your reputation. :-)
  • A quest is automatically assigned when you take on cargo, so you can review your cargo destinations in the quest panel.
  • Bosses automatically assign you a kill quest when you enter a boss-occupied area. 
  • You can abandon missions successfully using the mission panel, which will dump the associated cargo as well.


  • The overworld now have more points of interest.
  • Cleaned up/improved road generation pathfinding.
  • Single-tile obstructions like water towers and windmills now have a decal and more ground-level detail to help keep players from running into them.
  • A map's fog of war is now saved between areas...  that is, if you return to a previously-explored area, the uncovered areas are kept visible.
  • Roads now have an normal-looking exit off the edge of the map in terrain/mountainous areas.


  • Soldiers now ragdoll when killed.
  • Vehicles are now thrown in an appropriate direction on death based on the incoming damage and the vehicle's speed.
  • General transition improvements between areas.


  • Dogs are no longer a different faction from gang members (they shouldn't fight each other)
  • Armor repair pickups have reduced effectiveness now (20 -> 10 points per side)
  • Body repair pickups have reduced effectiveness now (25 -> 20 points) 

Bug Fixes

  • The developer console previous spat out a bunch of errors because of my crimes against data storage.  These crimes have been rectified.
  • The loadout screen would periodically break, this should no longer be the case.
  • Other general asserts and exceptions.


Auto Fire - Windows 64-bit 1 GB
Version 5 Feb 18, 2019
Auto Fire - Windows 32-bit 1 GB
Version 5 Feb 18, 2019

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My keyboard doesn't have a keypad. Only the arrow keys work. About about enabling  WASD keys?

Hi there!  You can play with arrow keys to move and WASD keys to shoot.  For that combination you can use:

  • Ctrl-Left/Right to hard turn
  • Shift-Left/Right to Swerve
  • Shift-Fwd to Boost.

I also put in an old-school layout for those with laptops or history with the crustiest of applications:

  • I/comma:  Accelerate/Decelerate
  • J/L:  Turn 45 degrees Left/Right
  • U/O:  Swerve Left/Right
  • M/period:  Sharp Turn Left/Right
  • Space:  Wait/Coast

You can always get the controls info by pressing F1!  A remap screen is on my short list of upcoming features (also so you can control the volume :-)