Auto Fire v0.5.7 - General fixes and visual cleanup

Some smaller updates for Auto Fire today, but in particular there are some important bug fixes.

  • Visuals/Fluff
    • All menus use standardized buttons and fonts now
    • Music for the garage
    • Screen darkens behind popups, drawing your attention to the UI when necessary
    • Adjusted the vehicle view in the UI to reduce visual noise.
  • Bugs
    • All cars now have everything socketable and swappable.  Locking equipment slots with fixed components is a feature, but not something I wanted to lay onto players at this early stage.
    • The equip popup now has a functional scrollbar, so you can use whatever you pick up.
    • Fixed hover information getting stuck if you exited the menu from the inventory screen
    • Fixed boss taunt popup issue


Auto Fire - Windows 64-bit 936 MB
Version 4 Jan 14, 2019
Auto Fire - Windows 32-bit 929 MB
Version 4 Jan 14, 2019

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