Auto Fire v0.5.02 - Faster exteriors

Just got back from vacation so not a lot going on yet.  I was really bothered by the game's poor performance in the exterior desert areas (both the overworld and the outpost maps), so I investigated that.  I experimented with Unity 2018.3's terrain updates but they aren't baked yet, so I made some changes in the game that made the terrain exteriors run about 3x as fast.  Cool!

I cleaned up the look of the exteriors a bit (the ground textures are still a little hard to see things in).

Also, I put out a Windows 32-bit version as well as a 64-bit version.  Enjoy!


Auto Fire v0.5.02 - Windows 64-bit 929 MB
Oct 29, 2018
Auto Fire v0.5.02 - Windows 32-bit 926 MB
Oct 29, 2018

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